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Trogir Taverna
Trogir Taverna
Trogir taverna
Fireplace Pape Tavern
Fireplace pape tavern
Pape Tavern Trogir
Pape tavern Trogir
Tavern Grill In Trogir
Tavern grill in Trogir
Breakfast In Trogir
Breakfast in Trogir
Trogir TavernaFireplace Pape TavernPape Tavern TrogirTavern Grill In TrogirBreakfast In Trogir

PaPe tavern


PaPe tavern is an unforgettable food tasting and cooking experience of traditional Dalmatian and Croatian cuisine from the scratch.

Trogir food tasting
Cook like local

PaPe tavern is a culinary expression of all things local, reflecting the authentic essence and soul of the community. Enjoy meals we prepare in a warm and relaxing setting with a commitment to old-world hospitality.
Using the freshest ingredients, locally grown and organic whenever possible.

We serve Croatia-inspired dishes the way we would like them done at a dinner party at home.

In the morning, enjoy a creative and healthful breakfast.
PaPe tavern takes Croatian cuisine to the next level by creating innovative dishes from authentic recipes and using the finest, freshest ingredients available.
From fresh salads, fish stews, to house-made pasta and bread, we have always seen the meal as a chance to introduce to Croatian culture.

Along with the traditional cuisine we try to introduce our guests to Croatian wines and traditional grape varieties.

How To Coook
How To Coook

In addition to introducing our cooking tradition or food tasting we also wish to promote healthy eating.

The ingredients we choose are sound, seasonal, local, and organic when possible. We also prepare and buy only whole-grain products and use healthy cold pressed cooking oils (olive and sunflower).

In the morning, we serve healthy continental breakfasts with fruits and home-made cereals and bread whenever possible.
Meals like Kollath Breakfast can be found in the morning menu.


Requests for a dinner and breakfast must be made at least one day in advance along with any dietary restrictions or preferences so that you may have.

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