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Lunch In Croatia
Lunch in Croatia

Lunch in Croatia

One could easily say Croatia is a paradise for Foodies. Although still somewhat of a “well kept secret,” it’s becoming the next hot spot in Europe for its cuisine.

What, exactly, is “authentic” Croatian cuisine?

grilled fish at home
grilled fish

 Croatian cuisine, like the country itself, is incredibly diverse. I’ve sampled a lot of food from this area:
A gem of a restaurant, visited almost exclusively by locals in Zagreb that makes some of the best dishes from the north central region, which features a lot of meat, potato, bean, and cabbage-based dishes.

The best burek and Bosnian food in Mostar. (I am now a certified, card-carrying burek snob)

“Under the bell” roasted chicken and fish in Dalmatia, which was truly amazing. This method of cooking is probably one of Dalmatia’s best secrets.

Home cooking

home cooking
home cooking

The ways in which Croatian cuisine can be experienced is almost overwhelming. “Foodie tours” in Croatia are still quite popular these days, which often involve a different location each day to sample the local and usually authentic cuisine.
Croatian cooking in Dalmata isn’t limited to exotic truffle tasting and “high adventure” culinary tours. Simple home cooking is rather underrated, and a big part of the culture here.

Honestly, my favorite experiences have not been with restaurants or street food or culinary tours, but as a guest in a Croatian home.

Leisurely Croatian lunch

This is something that most tourists don’t get to be a part of. If you get a chance, I highly recommend sitting down to a leisurely Croatian lunch (or dinner) and conversation.

At Pape B&B in Trogir, you can get this experience with Ira’s dinners and food tastings. It’s as if you were invited to a private dinner party.
I enjoy the wine and conversation as much as the food itself!

I’ve always been amazed by how simple the cooking from this region really is.

I’ve sometimes asked “what’s the recipe?” and the answer is usually “Oh, it’s just potatoes with a little bit of salt and pepper and some cheese” or something along those lines.
At first, I thought that my hosts were protecting their secret family recipes. Seriously.. how could this chicken or potato dish be sooo good with just a few ingredients?
I assumed that if I tried something similar at home, I would fail. Was I born with the wrong cooking gene? Was I a product of my American upbringing, which most certainly wasn’t about relaxing and enjoying good food with friends? As a former health coach.. food in the U.S. tends to be more of a utilitarian endeavor, instead of about enjoying one of life’s most basic pleasures.

Post autor : Julie Odler | T&W marketing

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