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Living Like Croat
Living like Croat

Living like  a Croat

Living AS a local is completely different from living LIKE a local.

Living like Croat is post for you if you are considering living in Croatia for a longer period, and you want to go a little deeper than the “top 10 places to see” type of list article.
The opinions in this blog are my own, as an American living in Croatia, and not necessarily the opinions of Villa Pape, but they are kind enough to allow me to write about what it’s like to live here for longer periods. They may also have some thoughts to add, and we often talk about these things over coffee. 

Villa PaPe also welcomes those who may want to stay for a few months during the off season. This place is very conducive to getting work done and recovering from some of the stress of constant travel.
There is a bit of a learning curve for expats here, as likely in any country. I’m going to give my perspective here, as I’m learning.

In this series I will talk about:

Everyday culture and adapting to the rhythm of Croatia
Street Smarts, transportation, work, language, living on a budget, nuances
Doing what you came here for: Enjoying Croatia on its own terms


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