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Dalmatia Green
Dalmatia green certificate accommodation

Sustainable green accommodation

PaPe B&B is a green accommodation recognized and certified

by several sustainable organizations also involved in eko-partner project as participates and advisors.

Green accommodation

Living sustainably, for us, means many simple daily activities that we do not consider anything special that will ensure the continued survival of the community and environment that supports us.
Recognized by several sustainable organizations and individuals since 2005 we continue to implement more sustainable measures every year.
We are also recognized by organizations involved in creating a unique Eco label for Croatia by inviting us to be a part of their project not only as participates but as advisors of the project.

Villa PaPe Sustainable Policy:

We are concentrated on social consciousness and education by buying goods from the local market, encouraging our guests to use local products and services, reduce, re-use, recycle as much as possible and giving all information regarding Croatian culture and language often poorly represented by many international guides.

Since spring 2009 we are working on Croatian Eco label Eko-Partner giving them our free time whenever possible and participating in several conferences Projekt „Development of Eco sustainable program for tourism facilities in Croatia (GoGreenCro)“, with Sunce, Zelena Istra, Institute of tourism, Cleaner Production Centre University of Rijeka,
UNEP-Split and now Ministry of tourism got involved too.

  • Growing as many of our own vegetables and fruits as space, time and energy will allow
  • Buying the organic products whenever possible
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and batteries.
  • Composting all organic matter
  • Using saving bulbs into as many lights as possible

Buying as much locally as possible. This supports and encourages our community from which everyone can benefit. It also cuts down on food kilometers and the associated pollution.

Implementing a resource-conscious policy in the rooms.

We ask guests to leave only the towels that have been used in the shower or bath in the morning, bed linen is changed weekly or on request so that we conserve water and electricity, also we ask our guests to turn off air-conditioners when leaving the room.

  • Encourage visitors to walk and use public transport as much as possible.
  • Using solar panels to heat the water that is used not only for showers also for washing machines both clothes and dishes
  • Implementing a system for water saving into our pipes
  • Promoting local Croatian companies and products as much as possible
  • Giving as much information about our country as possible


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