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Is Croatia Worth Visiting?

In the past few years, many travelers have been adding Croatia to their “bucket list.” Since it has become a popular destination, you may be thinking:

Is Croatia worth visiting?

Even non-travelers are probably aware, at least vaguely, of this place called Croatia. For better or worse, “blame” it on the World Cup Finals earlier this summer, and the popular series Game of Thrones.
With or without pop culture, It’s become quite the hot spot in Europe, as I had predicted. Along with this, however, comes some growing pains and misperceptions.

Is it worth all the hype?
My short answer is Yes, definitely! But your experience can vary depending on how and when you travel here, and what your own preferences are.
There are a number of reason for this.

What Croatia is and isn’t

cruising on the adriatic

Croatia, unlike places like Las Vegas or Dubai which are built on vast swaths of land which are otherwise not particularly desirable, has already existed for a long time as a tourist destination without the help of much development.
Aside from a brief period in the 90’s due to the domestic war, it has been a popular spot for most of Europe, especially during peak season July-August.

Mass Tourism

Croatia isn’t designed for mass tourism, which I’m grateful for. It’s known for its old cities with narrow streets, “cozy” inlets and beaches, and an abundance of islands accessible only by boat. It just has a more intimate “vibe” than most places I’ve been to.

However, any place experiencing a spike in popularity is bound to be vulnerable to overdevelopment and overtourism, which must be managed intelligently.
In fact, Croatia’s minister of tourism, Gari Cappelli, is developing a strategy which is steering away from mass tourism and focusing on more specific, and sustainable ways to enjoy Croatia.

Don’t worry..There are plenty of places in Croatia which are not overrun by tourists.

Post autor : Julie Odler

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