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Mediterranean Food
Mediterranean food
Family Food Tasting
Family food tasting
Food Tasting Traditional
Food tasting traditional
Traditional Crotian
Traditional Crotian Dishes
Traditional Food Preparing
Traditional food preparing for the guests
Mediterranean FoodFamily Food TastingFood Tasting TraditionalTraditional CrotianTraditional Food Preparing

Food tasting

We prepare dishes that cannot be found in most restaurants so the experience we offer is truly unique.

Food tasting in PaPe
Food tasting

We created the PaPe food tasting program specifically for those who want to sample authentic and traditional Croatian food .
Like cooking class the meals we prepare cannot be found in most restaurants.
They come from recipes which have been passed down through generations.
Our family comes from diverse parts of Croatia, each with its own style of cooking:

  • Dalmatia (islands, seaside, and inland) – in the south
  • Zagorje and Medimurje – in the north west
  • Slavonia – in the north east
  • Croatian part of Bosnia and Hercegovina

This mixture of Croatian cooking styles gives us experience and knowledge that even very few Croats have. We are proud to come from a family of great cooks.
One of the most famous is our great aunt Lula from Slavonia who was widely known as the best cake maker in the region.

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