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Discovering Croatian Wines
Discovering Croatian wines

Discovering Croatian wines

Guests about Croatian wines

Discovering Croatian wines is it difficult?

I’m learning more about Croatian wines every day.
I’ve come along way from my initial exploration, which was more about wandering the City of Trogir to see what I could find, on a random basis, in the 30–40kn range(around €6).
This is still a great way to enter into the world of Croatian wine, but there is so much more to learn.

What I’ve learned, in a month, about Croatian wines:

There is a strict quality classification system, so that consumers know what they are getting. To my knowledge, such a system does not exist in the U.S.
This means a wine has to meet certain standards in order to be considered a Quality, or Kvalitetno vino.
If you order a house wine, it may still be decent, but may not meet the strict standards wines in this category.
At the corner store or supermarket, you will see the difference: the higher shelves are dedicated to the higher quality wines, which of course makes sense.
You can get decent wines even at the corner store.

Discovering Croatian wines
Black risitto and Pošip

Winemaking dates back to ancient Greece, but that the origins of some of the grapes of this region are native to Croatia. You can find some very specialized wines, even just in Dalmatia.

Best for me to continue learning by exploring one variety at a time.
My method is now a bit less random, but I still enjoy some nice surprises.
I’ve learned that Croatian wines are not widely promoted or exported throughout the world, a fact that I’m frankly perplexed by.
All of this means that there is a whole frontier with Croatian wines, waiting to be “discovered”.  I hate to use such cliched words, but in this case, (pun intended) it’s true.

Post autor : Julie Odler

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