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Croatian Culinary Treasures

Learn to cook Croatian food while staying at Villa PaPe!

Would you like to experience magic of cooking food from scratch?

Feel and connect with Croatia through its food and the seasonal cycles in which it was grown and harvested! Cooking class we offer is perfect for a small group or one-two person in a cosy familiar atmosphere.

Our cooking classes Croatian Culinary Treasures, are organized for one person to group up to six persons what gives you an experience of private class.

Class can last from one afternoon up to five days class.

How To Coook
How To Coook

We created Croatian Culinary Treasures specifically for those who want to sample authentic and traditional Croatian food.

We prepare dishes that cannot be found in most restaurants because they come from recipes which have been passed down through generations. Our family comes from diverse parts of Croatia, each with its own style of cooking: Dalmatia (islands, seaside, and inland) in the south; Zagorje and Medimurje near Zagreb in the northwest; Slavonia in the northeast; and the Croatian part of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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