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Everyone has a story in them, waiting to be experienced and shared.

It can be a grand tale of epic adventure that can change your life.. a story you can tell for years to come. There’s no shortage of real life adventure here that could be the inspiration for a great book. Sailing, islands, biking adventures, the sky’s the limit. 

But simple “stories” are just as magical and rejuvenating. They seep into our lives and slowly bloom, making us feel nourished, whole, creative, and excited about life again.

Stories don’t have to be planned or cultivated.  Having the freedom to spend time alone to create, to rest, or simply see what unfolds next.. will naturally attract adventure. Trust us on this one.. we are natural “adventure magnets” here.. with LOTS of good stories to tell.

Stories are not just about people, but PLACES as well. Trogir has its own history and story to tell, if we are willing to listen.

One of the BEST parts of creating a story is the art of TELLING your STORY.

Some will tell their stories, or share the “stories” and history of a place, by writing about them or sharing photos or videos. Others may share their stories via a physical artifact, like a new piece of art or new recipe to share. Still others will share their story via the way the live their lives. Stories can TRANSFORM you.

Here are a few uniquely Dalmatian stories we would like to share with you.

We invite you to share YOUR story when you come!


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