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Gastronomy in PaPe

PaPe takes Croatian cuisine to the next level by creating innovative dishes from authentic recipes

Using the freshest ingredients, locally grown and organic whenever possible we serve Croatia-inspired dishes


Trogir Taverna
Trogir Taverna
Trogir taverna
Fireplace Pape Tavern
Fireplace pape tavern
Pape Tavern Trogir
Pape tavern Trogir
Tavern Grill In Trogir
Tavern grill in Trogir
Breakfast In Trogir
Breakfast in Trogir

Tavern PaPe Trogir

PaPe tavern TROGIR FOOD TASTING PaPe tavern is an unforgettable…

Mediterranean Food
Mediterranean food
Family Food Tasting
Family food tasting
Food Tasting Traditional
Food tasting traditional
Traditional Crotian
Traditional Crotian Dishes
Traditional Food Preparing
Traditional food preparing for the guests

Food tasting

Food tasting We prepare dishes that cannot be found in…

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