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Terrace Family Apartment
Terrace Apartment

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Sometimes back home is the perfect place to be, so I’m going to end this blog with one of my favorite things: Croatian food.

This plate was brought to me by my neighbor. They has invited me over for coffee on a few occasions to practice my Croatian.back home to grilled fish

Grilled fish is one of my favorites. It’s simple, but just like how you can’t compare a cathedral with a simple monastery, I’m not into comparing a Michelin star restaurant with what I just consider some of the best food on the planet: Home cooked Croatian cuisine. I also love just having a good conversation.

Would you like to experience magic of cooking food from scratch?
Feel and connect with Croatia through its food and the seasonal cycles in which it was grown and harvested! Cooking class we offer is perfect for a small group or one-two person in a cosy familiar atmosphere.

This is what you will find at Villa Pape:

A place to come home to after a day out exploring, and some good conversation over coffee as you plan your day. Although I will say that Ira’s food is pretty much as good as anything I have found in restaurants.. perhaps even better.

Post autor : Julie Odler | T&W marketing

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