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Ayurvedic Cooking
Ayurvedic cooking

Ayurvedic cooking and Vedic Science

Join us for this unique one day workshop

Ayurvedic cooking and Vedic Science with

Snježana Petrovski

The workshop will be divided in four parts starting from 10:00 until 18:00.

1. Lecture Part One – Ayurvedic approach to cooking

Everything in nature is based and structured on Ayurvedic principles of the three Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Seasons, parts of the day, food and every individual have Dosha qualities. The proportion of Dosha qualities within each person varies and usually one or two predominate.

Doshas are continually interacting with one another and with the Doshas in all of nature.
That is why we can balance each Dosha by adding the element of the other, and in that way we can balance our whole physiology.

Ayurveda recognizes that different foods, tastes affect the Doshas in different ways. This ability to affect Doshas is the underlying basis for Ayurvedic practices and therapies.

2. Application of Ayurvedic principles through the cooking class

Preparing a lunch based on three Doshas.
We will prepare a meal according to these principles, where all qualities of Doshas are present, in that way, by eating the balanced meal we balance our physiology.

3. Lunch – break

4. Lecture Part Two – A glimpse into the Vedic Science

Ayurveda – the aspect of the Vedic Science, the science of the Self.
Veda is pure consciousness, knowledge, knowledge of the Self, it is the Natural Law.

The Veda maintains within itself all possibilities, and simultaneously manifests material creation.
The Veda is an expression of the mechanics and transformations from the unmanifest to the subtle level of the manifest, then to the more gross level of the manifest, all the way to the level where everything is opened to our senses. Veda is the frequency of a consciousness whose impulses enliven all aspects of the physiology.

Snježana Petrovski

Ayurvedic cooking and Vedic ScienceMA in Kinesiology, MA of Arts in the field of Vedic Science
Teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 2002.
Fairfield, Iowa, USA

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