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Striking Shoreline In February

Adriatic off season

Swimming in the Adriatic off season

Croatian relaxing beaches
Croatian relaxing beaches

Late season swimming sounds like something that isn’t for the faint of heart, but honestly it’s not too bad, and the water isn’t really THAT cold. I admit that I want to get as much out of that beautiful, clear blue-green sea as I can, since I have to divide my time between here and Sarajevo.I also swear by it for its health benefits, which I can back up with solid data, but I won’t get into that right now.

There are some locals who swim all year round! My advice that I don’t always follow?
Do it quickly. Once you are in, the water feels warm and quite comfortable. It’s hard to believe it. And when the first Jugo or Bura wind of the season hits, you may think you are done with swimming till next season.

Adriatic off season
Ciovo / Trogir beach

Probably not!
In fact, in the early autumn, there may still be a lot of days left to linger on the beach. Even wading in the water or simply being near it could be enough, should you decide to pass on the swim and just enjoy a good book.
The sun and the quality of light in Dalmatia is completely different in the autumn and winter, but I love it.
You might, too. Do bring a nice towel or blanket, a good book, and cash to buy a coffee. I’ve also done some sprint workouts on the beach, but just as much, I enjoy being lazy. Beaches here are designed for relaxation, regardless of the season.

Some might prefer the vibrant atmosphere of Croatian beaches in the summer, but for me autumn is the perfect balance.. I can take a solo walk or read a book, then take a few steps to have coffee with a friend. Perfect for an introvert like me.

Post autor : Julie Odler | T&W marketing

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