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trogir events

Trogir events

Bike Week


Trogir events

Join us for the Bike Week in Trogir! The START of this international bike race – TOUR OF CROATIA – is on Wednesday, 19.04.2017. at 13:40 o’clock, Trogir promenade.

We are joined by 20 teams, over 150 bikers from all around the world. The ride will go around the old town, across the Čiovo bridge, through Žedno, Arbanija and then back to Trogir. The race will be transmitted LIVE through 180 televisions from all over the world and in this way present Trogir as a destination. We will use this opportunity to make a group photograph of all contestants and citizens of Trogir on the promenade.

The week will end with the ”TWO ISLANDS ON WHEELS” race on Sunday 23.04.2017. On the promenade at 13:00 o’clock. The great finale of the week will end with a prizegiving party at 17:00 o’clock on the towns main square.

Flower Fair

27.04. – 01.05.2017

This year, for thew second time in a row there will be a flower fair in Trogir named Trogir blossom. Aside from the presenters of flowers there will be entertainment for all age groups as well.

Medieval festival


Traveling back in time, about 600 years in the past, when Trogir was an important cultural center and its street were vibrating with noblemen and craftsmen, its markets offered a spectrum of goods and activities, handmade jewelry and crafts. Every year durring the MEDIEVAL FAIR, Trogir is once more transformed into its past glory. Experience it and join us in Trogir in Spring.

As you walk through the streets in present day, you will encounter noblemen dressed in their finest adorned with their jewels and golden crowns while ordinary folk dressed are dressed in their simple golden brown costumes. Sounds of banging attract your attention as craftsmen are hammering horseshoes with murmur in the background. You will experience the present and past colliding on Trogir’s stage.



H.A.N.D.S. festival represents Croatia’s tangible cultural heritage. Each year in spring Trogir invites representatives of traditional crafts to participate in this unique display of almost forgotten cook-outs of indigenous recipes, hands on pottery work-shops, art exhibits and ethno-dancing in traditional costumes. For three days the town vibrates with tourists eager to experience the life culture of our great-grandfathers represented in Trogir through the H.A.N.D.S. festival.

You are invited to come and experience it first hand.

Moon dance festival

10-12 August 2017

Moondance is a leading homemade Croatian techno festival situated in beautiful Middle Ages Kamerlengo Fortress in town of Trogir that has been voted by National Geographic’s new book as the world’s most beautiful island city. The 4th edition of Moondance festival expands to 3 nights, 11.,12.& 13. August in Middle Ages Fortress Kamerlengo, boat parties and legendary after parties.